RemoveTable removes a selected table from the ObjectDatabase++ control file.
unsigned __int64 RemoveTable (
   unsigned int tableID,
   bool deleteFiles = true


tableIDthe table ID defining the table's handle.
deleteFilesIf this variable is set to true, RemoveTable deletes the *.odt, *.odi and *.odm files associated with the selected table from the disk, otherwise this method just removes the table entry from the control file.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, the return value is zero else see error codes for more details.


  • RemoveTable does not delete the table or any of its indexes if deleteFiles is set to false.
  • RemoveTable is not part of the a transaction and can not be aborted, however the database does need to be in exclusive mode.
  • You can use the AddTable method to add back a table after it has been removed.
Example Use
CODBPP database;
char16_t *message;
if((error = database.OpenDatabase(u"YourDatabase")) == NO_ERROR
&& (error = database.BeginTransaction(CODBPP::EXCLUSIVE)) == NO_ERROR){
   error = database.RemoveTable(1);
if(error && database.GetErrorMessage(&message) == NO_ERROR)

Also See

AddTable, CloseTable, CreateTable, OpenTable
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