The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

Spatial Indexes

ObjectDatabase++ supports both Spatial Indexes (S-Tree or R-Tree Indexes) as well as standard B+-Tree Indexes. Applications using ObjectDatabase++ can use Spatial Indexes to search through both rectangles objects (CODBPP::RECT) and cubes (CODBPP::CUBE) giving much greater flexibility to what you can do within your program.

The 2-dimensional Spatial Indexes are very useful for applications that wish to search on 2-dimensional maps, for example, to help coordinate the movement of people or vehicles on the ground. 3-dimensional Spatial Indexes are useful when an application needs to search the 3-D spaces, for example, if you are creating a 3-D graphical games that allows users to create the game layout during run time or enables the game to randomly generate a new layout for each game - giving the players something new every time.

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