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Ekky Software is an independent and ambitious Australian software company that has an unwavering dedication to produce the highest possible quality software without compromising our desired goals.

Established on the 3rd of March 2003, we are based on the Northern side of the beautiful harbour city of Sydney, Australia. We are creating software for various different markets and product categories. Starting with ObjectDatabase++ and TScript - we have moved into the vertically integrated distributed expert business systems, ranging from traditional retail software to more specially developed expert systems.

Ekky's Mission and Vision

It has always been the vision of Ekky Software to create a company that would push the boundaries of both the current technology and the abilities of people within the company. We have fostered an environment of creativity, experimentation and learning from our mistakes. We are proud of the fact we have created world leading technology and a company that enables its employees to push beyond their best.

The mission we have found ourselves on is to accept that we need to respect all our stakeholders and realise that if we don’t look after their interests, they won’t look after ours – this is the fundamental cornerstone of all relationships. To this end we have also made a commitment to enabling connectivity with third parties and not to tie our customers into a technology platform that could undermine their interests. It is our missions to make sure that our customers interests are better served with us than they would be with anyone else.

Why Ekky Software?

The name Ekky Software was chosen in memory of our schoolyard days, where we would play such games as the legendary Pac-man, where you receive an extra man and we would exclaim - yeah got an ekky! In this sense ekky was short for extra and thus Ekky Software was more of a pronoun for "extra software".

This name highlights the grounding philosophy of Ekky Software that people are paying far too much for their software and are expecting far too little in return. We want to give our customers far more than they can receive from our competitors, we should only be successful if we can make our clients successful.

History Ekky Software

Ekky Software was originally conceived by a then young and naive man of Dallas Clarke. Still a university student and with too much spare time on his hand, he set himself a challenge of building a fully functional real-time ODBMS, and with no real expectation of ever achieving the desired outcomes, it was always just the goal of doing something ambitious.

After building the origianl prototype on an existing RDBMS (C-Tree), it took nearly four more attempts and the better part of over two years of solid day-in, day-out programming, ObjectDatabase++ was born. It is an ODBMS created to be self-maintaining and well before the hardware to run it properly was on the market.


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