The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

TScript Query Language

TScript has been designed as a general all purpose scripting language that extends applications written in the native MS VC++ language. With its native TVariables, a general and flexiable interface between TScript and C++, small snippets can be written in TScript and passed values from the native code, modified and passed back.

TScript was originally developed as a printing script language, which allows for users to interact and extend their applications post installation. We have extended the ability in version 1.1 to allow for TScript defined variables to extend and wrap around existing dynamic linking libraries.

TScript is an object orientated procedural scripting language based on a similar structure as C++ and incorporates the high-level data encapsulation in TVaraibles that can control memory allocation and error management. This very flexible scripting labguage can allow code that directly interfaces with the ObjectDatabase++ embedded dynamic linking library.

For more details on TScript, please read our online documentation, which will describe the current functionality that this scripting language can provide.

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