The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

Spatial Pattern Indexes (Biometric)

New for the version 4.1 release of ObjectDatabase++ are Spatial Pattern Indexes. These indexes have been designed to accommodate modern day needs for biometric pattern matching. Falling into the same category as spatial indexes, pattern indexes allow for a series of two or three dimensional positions to be matched against another.

ObjectDatabase++ GUI EditorFor example in the picture to the right, where a finger print has been analysed to find a relative centre and x y axis, we can find a series of control points that describe the unique features of each print. Once the pattern has been entered into the database, this index structure allows for a partial or complete matching of the same series of control points, within a specified error margin.

This index regime as been implemented for both two and three dimensions, allow for two dimensional patterns such as finger prints and also three dimensional patterns such as facial recognition.

Spatial Pattern Index has been designed to allow an unlimited amount of control points to describe each pattern and uses a variable length field, either the ODBPP::PATTERN2D or the ODBPP::PATTERN3D to identify each pattern.

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