The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

ObjectDatabase++ is the brawn behind the Texas Business Software. Is allows multi-process applications with complete transaction control and real-time recovery. Its object model can handle exceptionally complex database designs and at the same time reduce the total requirements on the system while still giving the speed and flexibility to make the system usable.

The T-Script Embedded Scripting Library

The T-Script Embedded Scripting Library

TScript is a small lightweight user friendly scripting language at allows users of both the Texas Business Software Suite and ObjectDatabase++, to make those minor customization to their own installation. This enables Ekky Software to provide its customers a high level of flexibility to all their particular requirements and also empowers our customers to make their own decisions.

March 1, 2024

With the release of ObjectDatabase++ version 4.6, we have introduced a number of new table parameters, which allow users to get the total count of objects within the table. This change requires users to go through the table upgrade process. We have also taken the opportunity to modify the table schema to include field totals as well as the field count. This will allow for future expansion of the sub-table field to also include sub-tables.

September 13, 2022

Since COVID has been and gone, maybe now is the right time to update this website? IDK, I just have so much other stuff to do. How many of you guys want this site to be responsive? I mean, when I originally built this site, handhelds where not a thing, CSS 3 didn't exist, and I only had to deal with 15-17 inch CRT monitors. It's so embarrassing long ago.

Google is still not really sending people here, and I don't know if a redesigned of this site would help that at all. I think Google would say it would, but they say so much that doesn't pan out. Like the claim that the speed of the website will a difference to the ranking. It's been my experience, that the more money you give Google, the more wonders will come your way.

If anyone out there has anything to say in regards to the look and feel of the website, you can just comment in the message box on the right.

November 1, 2020

Wow, this website is embarrassingly old. I don't know it I should try updating it or just replace it with a new and responsive design.

But there is some good news for those using ObjectDatabase++. We have continued the products maintenance and have increased its functionality. New in v4.5 is the Cyclical logging functionality that allows for Master-Slave synchronization.

We have progressed ObjectDatabase++ modernization by continuing the 64bit optimization. Moving error codes to 64bit, allows identification of the family of error, and preventing error code duplication. We've also stated moving checksums to be 64bit in length, and maximum memory usage to 64bits. This increases the maximum resource usage to the limits on the machine.

You can download the SDK and start deploying your multi-threaded/multi-process database applications with confidence.

January 31, 2019

It has been a long time between updates on this website. We've been busy pursuing other opportunities while the market took it's time to catch up to the need for object databases to have index and tranaction support.

We've been using ObjectDatabase++ and TStript internally and have continued bug fixes and enhancing TScript to increase the amount of operations it can handle, increasing its usefulness and speed. Both bits of software have been updated to run more efficiently in concurrent conditions and with reduce memory usage.

If anyone out there wants talk about what ObjectDatabase++ can do, or is having problems trying to get it to do it, then feel welcome to send us a message via the contact us on the side bar.

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