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The Price Checker Android App has been built as a free product for public use, however there are still some terms and conditions that need to be stated by your acceptance in using the product.

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Information Gathered

By using the App, you will inherently generate information and metadata information about your personal usage. Although you should have a fair idea of when and what type of data that is being collected by the system, you should be aware that we do not specifically try to connect anyone person to the use of the system, and/or attempt to profile any particular user.

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Accuracy of Information

The information supplied by the App is generated by our users themselves and there is no guarantee that the information supplied correct or remains correct, and is only offered as a guild. If you have any complaint about the information supplied, we can investigate the activities of any user who supplied that information and remove the data they have supplied from the system.

The accuracy of information is only the extent of the information supplied by our users and if there exists a cheaper item within your area that is unknown by the system, than that item will incorrectly be shown as the cheapest. The App is designed to display the cheapest item known to the system.

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Ownership of the Information

All information gathered by the system is the sole property of Ekky Software Pty Ltd and while we will do our up most to protect the identity of our users, we do retain the right to use the data gathered.

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Control of your Personal Information

Ekky Software will always respect your basic human rights to have control over your personal information and will honor any direct request to see any personal information collected via our website and is identifiable to you personally.

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Changes to this Statement

We will constantly revise these terms & conditions and may from time to time update the text of the statement. Any such revision may be done without any notice to you and we advise that you periodically refresh yourself with this statement at times you believe that it is import for you to do so and your continued use of our website constitutes your satisfaction with this privacy statement and any updates.

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Contact Information

Ekky Software welcomes your comments regarding this privacy statement. If you believe that we have not adhered to this privacy statement or you would like to make any comments whatsoever about this website, then please contact us via our contact page or on the Panel on the right of this page.

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