Typedef enum Parameter

INPUT_FILE1The local file path to the input file
OUTPUT_FILE2Don't know
USER_PROMPT5If the script requires resources that it doesn't have permission for, TScript will prompt the use and ask for the resource. If this parameter is specified, then the script will not prompt the use and just return an error.
ERROR_EMAIL6Don't know
LIBRARY_DIRECTORY8This parameter is the directory pathway for the script to search to find any #included script.
WORKING_DIRECTORY9This parameter is the directory pathway for any outputted files, such that if the script creates a file "filename" it will be located at "working directory\filename".
SAVE_COMPILE10The name give to any compiled TScript (*.cts) file.
SOURCE_FILE11The source files for this executing script.
SOURCE_STRING12The string parameter has the source code.
DEFAULT_RUN_METHOD13The static method to be called, default is main.
LAST_ERROR14Get Information will return the last error.
SOURCE_VERSION15If compiled into a compile TScript (*.cts) file, it will have this version.
RESOURCES_PROMPT_USER16Don't know - maybe a bit out of date.
FILETIME_FORMAT17This default format for printing a filetime variable.
DATE_FORMAT18This default format for printing a date variable.