Searching by Temporal Indexes

Temporal Indexes are a useful type of index that give the designer the ability to search time periods. Searching a Temporal Index builds an internal index of all objects that have an overlap between the period search for and the time given within the indexed field.

  • First open the table which you wish to view edit the objects in as previously described.
  • Then view the table indexes as previously described.
  • Use the mouse to select the index you wish to view, making sure that the blue highlight is on the desired index, right click with the mouse bottom and select "Search Index".
  • Once the "Searching Temporal Index" dialog box appears, enter the values of the dates and/or times defining the period that you wish to search within.
    note: this search will return any objects that have an overlapping space with the search period, not just all the objects that can fit entirely within the period space.
  • Then select "OK"