The T-Script Embedded Scripting Library

TScript - Extensible C++

The main motivation for creating TScript was to enable the extensibility of native C++ code. We did this so customers can write their own TScript code that will modify the behaviour of the Texas Business Suite, so to match the exact business needs.

What is unusual about TScript is not only can native code call the script and pass it parameters, TScript can also pass parameters that reference internally held resources, such as files, and have parameters passed back to the native code. In doing this TScript also implements its own internal security so the script can only access the resources granted to the script and not any resources give to the original calling code.

Tscript also enables users to write their own business rules, custom import script, personalised print scripts and also your own database methods. This extensibility of the Texas Business Software enabled by TScript enables you to control how your system operates and enables you to create distinctive business processes that will set you apart from your competitors.

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