The T-Script Embedded Scripting Library

TScript is a lightweight user friendly embeddable script language that allow applications to allow customisations to their business logic post installation. TScript has been specially designed for application supporting both the Texas Business Software Suite and ObjectDatabase++ and enables our customers to have a high level of flexibility to all their particular requirements and also empowers our customers to make their own decisions..

The TScript language has been designed and developed to be an embeddable scripting language for native C++ code. The main criteria for TScript is to allow functionality to be added to the Texas Business Software suite post installation and have that extended functionality intractable with the original C++ code.

The integral different from other embeddable scripting languages such as JavaScript or php, is that variables can be passed both ways, from the parent application to the script and back from the script to the application.

A Basic "Hello World" TScript

  • TScript
include "TScript.h"

int wmain(int argc, wchar_t* argv[])
   CTScript ts;
      u"   System::MessageBox(L\"Hello World!\");"
   return NO_ERROR;