The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

Wireless Server Applications

ObjectDatabase++ has been designed through out all its levels with the expectation of running wireless and large scale server applications. For example it has been developed to be multimedia friendly, expecting objects into the 100MB each and doing so without clogging up ObjectDatabase++ unique log file Also it allows over 4 billon objects within a file with 32 bit Object Identifiers, with the maximum size of over 4 billon bytes each – creating the maximum file size of about 18x1018, and new in Version 3.0 are 64 bit Object Identifiers - allowing virtually unlimited amount of objects per table.

With tables containing huge numbers of database objects, ObjectDatabase++ has been especially design for greater efficiently when dealing with data files containing millions of entries, trading off absolute speed for an efficiency rating closer to order one O(1). For example, allowing for ObjectDatabase++ to compact the data file during the course of each operation creates a small free space list within the table file.

ObjectDatabase++ also support the superior object design over the tradional relational one. This removes the need for costly join operations when the database grows to a very large size - maintain maximum efficiency over all systems.

One of the most significant features of ObjectDatabase++ is that it runs in a multi-process environment, allowing for one process to monitor other processes and if one of the processes stops responding or is prevented from executing, it can be simply killed off and a new one created in its place. This giving servers build on the ObjectDatabase++ embedded library the ability to monitor and repair themselves – an essential aspect for modern wireless applications.

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