The ObjectDatabase++ Embedded Library

64 bit Object Identifiers

New for Version 3.0 of ObjectDatabase++ is 64 bit Object Identifiers. This allows developers of large-scale database applications, to future proof their schema designs. As large database application such as Internet search engines, are over taking the 4.3 billion web-page mark and world wide population growth is exceeding this same 32 bit mark, 64 bit Object Identifiers allow the database to be simply extended there current design to a size that is more or less unlimited.

With the simple choice of 32 or 64 bit Object Identifiers when creating a new schema for a table, there is no major loss of database scale or efficiency. On average, objects with 64 bit identifiers will take only 4 extra bytes per object and the large identifiers will allow ObjectDatabase++ to extend the index page size - accommodating the expected large object count.

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