enum TVariable::VariableType

NONE0Type is unset.
BOOLEAN1one byte, 1/0 value for true and false.
INTEGER264bit signed integer.
DECIMAL364bit signed floating decimal.
ASTRING48bit UTF-8, null terminating string.
WSTRING516bit UTF-16 wide character, null terminating string.
BSTRING68bit biniary string.
DATE732bit day count from the 1/1/1601.
UTC_TIME864bit windows FILETIME variable.
OS_HANDLE9HANDLE value, for files, mutexes and the like.
REFERENCE1064bit pointer to a TVariable.
POINTER1164bit void pointer to any memory location, with unlimited lenght.
ERROR_MSG12TVariable that is an error message, has both a ascii string and an unsigned int error code.
FUNCTION-deprecated. use TScript::AddMethod instead.
STRUCTURE14TVariable that is a structure or an array.

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