TScript::IsDefined allows a source string to be added during execution of another tscript.

public TScript::IsDefined(
   WString soucreString,
   WString nameSpace = null
:  Boolean result


soucreStringThe string that contains the new code to be applied.
nameSpaceThe class name for which this code should be named in. If null then the method will be default static.
resultTrue if the method has alreay been defined

Return Values

The error.errorCode value will be set to the underlining windows error message code and the error.errorString will have a detailed description of the error.


    Example Use
    • TScript
    if(TScript::IsDefined(u"Method",u"My") == false){
       TScript::AddMethod(u"static Method(WString message: Integer results){"
    My::Method(L"This is the Message");


    TScript Version: 1.8

    Also See

    TScript::AddDefinedVariable, TScript::AddMethod
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