TScript Static Methods

TScript has two types of over-rideable methods, the first is the static method and the second is the class member method. In TScript the static method is the entry point for the script and does not define the "this" defined pointer and all parameters and returning variables must be defined in the declaration.

The static method syntax is as follows:- "[public] StaticMethodName([list of input parameters][:[list of returning variables]])". The public keyword is similar to __declspec(dllexport), where this indicates that when the script is complited into a library, this static method will remain visible.

The list of input parameters can have default values declared and allowing multiple calling syntaxes. The TScript language will link to the most impropriate version of any method depending on the TVariable types in the call.

The list of returning TVariables is only written back to the calling variables upon successful completion of the method. All TScript static methods return an error code and error string if appropriate and when an error occurs this variable is not set to zero, execution maybe stopped at this point and returned to the calling method.