ODBPPLib.IODBPP.RemoveTable removes a selected table from the ObjectDatabase++ control file.
void RemoveTable (
   uint tableId,
   bool deleteFiles


tableIdthe table Id defining the table's handle.
deleteFilesIf this variable is set to true, RemoveTable deletes the *.odt, *.odi and *.odm files associated with the selected table from the disk, otherwise this method just removes the table entry from the control file.

Return Values


  • RemoveTable does not delete the table or any of its indexes if deleteFiles is set to false.
  • RemoveTable is not part of the a transaction and can not be aborted, however the database does need to be in exclusive mode.
  • You can use the AddTable method to add back a table after it has been removed.
Example Use
  • C#
public static uint FIRST_TABLE = 1;
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){
      OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog();
      DialogResult result = dlg.ShowDialog();
      if (result == DialogResult.OK){
         odbpp.BeginTransaction(odbpp.EXCLUSIVE, 60000);
   catch (Exception e1)

Also See

AddTable, CloseTable, CreateTable, OpenTable
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