ODBPPLib.IDatabaseObject.ReadField reads data fields from the DatabaseObject obtained by ReadObject or DeleteObject.
object ReadField(
   string name
object ReadFixed(
   uint field
object ReadSubField(
   string subTable,
   uint row,
   string name
object ReadSubTable(
   uint subTable,
   uint row,
   uint field
object ReadVariable(
   uint field


namethe name of the desired field to access.
fieldthe index number of the desired field to access, starting from zero (0).
rowthe index number or name of the desired sub-table row to access, starting from zero (0).
subTablethe index number of the desired sub-table field to access.

Return Values

ReadField returns the object (variant) with the current field value.


Example Use
  • C#
public static uint FIRST_TABLE = 1;
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      ODBPPLib.ODBPP odbpp = new ODBPPLib.ODBPP();
      odbpp.BeginTransaction(odbpp.SHARED, 60000);
      object[] key = new object[2];
      key[0] = "127";
      key[1] = 0;
                   odbpp.GREATER_EQUALTO, 6, key) != null)
         result = odbpp.GetObject();
         if(result.readField("First") == 123)
   catch (Exception e1)

Also See

AddObject, DeleteObject, NewObject, ReadObject, RewriteObject, RestoreObject, WriteField
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