Class ODBPPLib.Index

intflagsValid values are -1 for the objectID and -2 for the row count with multi-entry indexes, all others values are the schema array index value of the field. The absolute field positon values for sub-table fields are as follws in the diagram below.
Image of Field Number Order

Valid modes for types within ODBPP.B_TREE index types are ODBPP.ASTR and ODBPP.USTR are ODBPP.DESCENDING or ODBPP.INVERTED or (ODBPP.TO_UPPER_CASE xor ODBPP.TO_LOWER_CASE). Valid modes for all types are ODBPP.DESCENDING or ODBPP.NONE.

Valid modes for type within ODBPP.S_TREE indexes are ODBPP.NONE only.

Valid modes for type within ODBPP.A_LIST and ODBPP.U_LIST indexes are ODBPP.TOKEN_FIELD or (ODBPP.TO_UPPER_CASE xor ODBPP.TO_LOWER_CASE), the binary fields within a token index are by default value.

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