Importing a Table

  • First open the database which you wish to import the new table as previously described and make sure it currently has focus.
  • Select the "Open File" dialog box by selecting "Import" from the "File" menu or use the import icon button on the tool bar.
  • Once the dialog box has appeared, type the name of the file you wish to import.
  • ObjectDatabase++ Editor will import tables in xml or text format, if you wish to export in text format another dialog box should appear.
    note: Make as little changes to the suggested schema as possible until the table has been successfully imported, changing only dates, time, binary strings and array types.
    note: If you wish to use a different delimiter, deselect the "Tabbed Delimited" check box and type in the new delimiter in the text box provided.
    note: If you wish not to include the table headers, deselect the "Include Headers" check box.
  • Once the file format is known, the "Table Properties" dialog box will appear, allowing you to set the properties of the new table.
  • Once completed select "OK".
    note: When the table has been successfully imported then use ObjectDatabase++ to create the desired indexes.