Class ODBPP::DatabaseMember

Used to list all the tables within a database.
class DatabaseMember{
   unsigned int tableID;
   unsigned int tableLockOrder;
   char16_t *tableName;


tableIDthe table's identifier.
tableLockOrderthe position that this table is in the global locking order.
tableName'' terminating string for the table name.


Example Use
  • C++
#include "ODBPP.h"

int wmain(int argc, wchar_t* argv[])
   unsigned __int64 error;
   const char16_t *message;
   CODBPP database;
   CODBPP::DatabaseMembers *members;
   unsigned int count;
   if((error = database.OpenDatabase(u"YourDatabase")) == NO_ERROR
   && (error = database.BeginTransaction()) == NO_ERROR
   && (error = database.GetDatabaseMembers(NULL,&count)) == NO_ERROR){
      members = (CODBPP::DatabaseMembers*) new BYTE[count];
      if((error = database.GetDatabaseMembers(members,&count)) == NO_ERROR){
         for(int i = 0; i < count; i++) MessageBox(members[i].tableName);
      delete [] (LPBYTE)members;
   if(error && database.GetErrorMessage(&message) == NO_ERROR)
   return NO_ERROR;

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